Tuesday, 31 March 2015

How can The Model Factory Help You?

The Model Factory's Services

The world of modeling and the business surrounding it can be very confusing to anyone approaching it with little to no experience. Understanding the steps involved, the self-improvement processes you need to work on, and the business side of people skills and self-promotion is no easy task. It is here that The Model Factory can help.

The team at The Model Factory work with leading studios and agencies to provide a full experience for aspiring models and give you the framework to continue your way into modeling with much better chances of success. Many models make the mistake of thinking that their agency works for them. Many others think that a pretty face is all you need. Others think that a skinny body is the key to success. None of these are true.

The Model Factory

Do you work for your agency? Do they work for you? There is no clear line here. In reality, it is a partnership where both sides are expected to bring something to the table. You are expected to present your self and make connections, while the agency can utilise existing connections and it's agents to try and get you assignments. When either of these things don't happen, the whole process slows down. 

A pretty face or a skinny body may have been the key to success in modeling in the past, but The Model Factory know that this is no longer the case. Some EU countries have already banned the use of 'excessively skinny' models as the health implications on their bodies are extremely bad. Many super-skinny models experience arthritis in their 20s, something normally associated with the over 60s.

If you want to find out more about The Model Factory's services you can visit our website and get in touch using the small application form. There is no cost involved. Watch the video below to find out more.

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Why choose The Model Factory?

Why choose The Model Factory?

When it comes to modelling advice, you've come to the right place. The team at The Model Factory have crafted service packages solely to get you where you want to be. Every staff member has direct, hands-on experience in the modelling industry and as a team we take pride in the fact that we give unbiased advice. Here is some information about the packages we offer.

the model factory packages
The Model Factory Packages
The Free Track

The Free Track is for those who aren't sure if they are right for modelling, but want to find out. It includes an assessment of your photos and advice for starting to build your skills as a model.

The Organic Track

The Organic Track takes you one step at a time, through preparation, practice, and photo shoots. This is the track that is most suited to those who are focussed on becoming models. The team also give online support for six months, helping you to avoid the mistakes that many models make when starting out on their own.

The Fast Track

The Fast Track is most popular among those who know where they want to be, but have no idea how to get there! The Model Factory will guide you all the way for one year from square one onwards.

Watch this video and find out how The Model Factory can help you start a career in modelling. If you want to keep in touch and up to date on our news and reviews, follow The Model Factory blog.

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

The Model Factory

The Model Factory

Who are The Model Factory?

Let's begin with who we are not. The Model Factory are not a modelling agency, we are consultants who understand the business and help aspiring models to avoid the pitfalls that so many fall into when trying to enter the business. Each member of our team is a professional in their own right and has a rounded experience of every aspect of the modelling business, from front of house to the top. We pride ourselves on offering impartial, constructive advice to all of our clients. 

The Model Factory

What can you do for me?

The Model Factory can guide you past the mistakes that many people make when they are trying to start out in modelling. Read what Charlie had to say about us in this other blog from The Model Factory and see how. We encourage people to think outside the box, and also have a network of approved photographers and studios that we trust.

How can I find out more about what you do?

Find The Model Factory on twitter where we post updates of success stories and news, and check out The Model Factory website for more information on our services and other testimonials. If you write to us through our contact form we will reply as soon as we can offering some options that we think will be of use to you, with no obligation. Watch this video for an overview as to what we offer.

Monday, 29 December 2014

The Model Factory

The Model Factory

Our consultants here at The Model Factory are always keeping an eye on what is hot in modelling today, and what will be hot tomorrow. We specialise in helping to turn modelling aspiration into success and hold fantastic relationships with industry leading agencies and photography studios all over the UK. 

When you make the decision to get a modelling portfolio compiled, you will have to choose outfits that present you in the way you want to be seen. You can't easily go and get another portfolio taken so it's best to get it right first time. One part of this is choosing the right jewellery and one craze of 2014 was buying vintage, or faux-vintage style jewellery. If you’re looking for vintage jewellery on the internet then be careful. By its very nature it is second hand and you should make your decision as you would when buying anything else that has been used. Always check the seller’s reputation and look at their other items to see if they match. If they have other jewellery for sale and a high rating then you will likely be happy with what arrives. If they have various things, TVs, cars, jewellery, then be extra careful as they haven't specialised in a certain area. Antique shops are all over the place nowadays and have varying standards. 
The Model Factory
The Model Factory
The Model Factory have noticed that the definition of antique has changed over time and some stores are better than others in terms of the age and quality of their items. In the states, an antique is generally not as old as one in the UK for example. Antique shop owners have to buy a lot of their stock from auctions and perhaps even car boot sales. They look anywhere that old things are being sold and aim to buy as cheap as possible. You might enjoy going to local auctions or hunting around car boot sales to try and find a bargain. When you find a piece you like, check it for hall marks and make sure that any stones are secure in their fittings. If you want to find out more about The Model Factory, read our other blogs and also make sure that you like us on The Model Factory Facebook page. Also, you can watch the video below to find out more about modelling.

Friday, 28 November 2014

Become a Male Model with The Model Factory

The Model Factory: Male Modelling

There are many opportunities for male models within the modelling industry. The secret is knowing what type of male modelling you are suitable for.

If you're reading this and thinking 'perhaps its worth a try', start by doing some research on the different types of male modelling. The Model Factory can help you find which one is right for you and offer guidance on the steps involved from day one to your first job. Commercial modelling, fitness modelling, fashion, alternative, body parts; each has different physical requirements and portfolio requirements that decision makers look for. You have to tick all the boxes before you have a chance of getting the top paying jobs.

The Model Factory

The stereotypical male model is much like the one photographed above. This isn't the standard for all models by any means. Every client has a different product, a different identity, and a different aim. Each one needs a different face and body.

Watch The Model Factory Video to Find out More

Aspiring male models should already be comfortable with cameras, whether its on a night out or at a corporate event. If you are not, then make every possible effort to get comfortable by always looking your best and trying out a local photographer's studio for a test shoot or portfolio shots. This will give you a taste of what might be to come should you pursue a path in modelling.


Monday, 20 October 2014

The Model Factory Testimonials

The Model Factory Testimonials

The Model Factory
The Model Factory
The Model Factory is not an agency as we do not find models work, but we have an enormous amount of experience and expertise in the area. Our team are dedicated to ensuring you have a safe and secure experience in kick starting your modelling career. 

With over 12 years experience in the industry and a team in both London and Manchester, we will provide you with the tools you need and on going support. 

Here are a couple of testimonials from women who worked with The Model Factory.
The Model Factory
The Model Factory
"Hello!! Thank you so much for my amazing photoshoot and your help in getting me started with my modelling career. I have been given the title of teen beauty of Salford 2014 and will compete in the teen Beauty of England finals 2014"
Samara, Edinburgh

"Just writing to say thank you for the wonderful time I had at the studio Thursday, everyone was so nice and welcoming! Thank you for helping me to notice that I have potential and giving me the confidence boost I've always needed! I'm really looking forward to getting started and seeing everything set up. I honestly cannot thank you enough but I haven't forgotten about the coffee I owe you haha"
Yasmin, Berkshire

Saturday, 27 September 2014

The Model Factory: Healthy Choices

The Model Factory: Three Healthy Additions to your Diet

The platform for modelling success, The Model Factory have over a decade of experience in the modelling industry. We hear about all the latest dietary fads and thought we should tell you about three things to add to your shopping list to help you live healthily.
the model factory
The Model Factory
Sweet Potato

This spud is one of the most nutritious (and inexpensive) vegetables around. The Vitamin A in sweet potatoes keeps eyes healthy, and acts as an antioxidant in the body. Sweet potatoes are a favourite among babies because of their natural sweetness and bright colour, but they are often forgotten once we get older. 


This nutty plant food is packed full of Omega-3 fatty acids which are needed for optimal brain development. Flaxseed is sold whole and ground, but research suggests that ground is absorbed by the body better. 


Though not always a favourite when served whole in dishes, tofu is fantastic  when used to provide a creamy base in smoothies and desserts. Tofu is a great source of protein, B vitamins, calcium, and iron. These are nutrients that support proper growth and bone health. 

Keep up with the latest modelling tips and watch this video to find out more!