Tuesday, 31 March 2015

How can The Model Factory Help You?

The Model Factory's Services

The world of modeling and the business surrounding it can be very confusing to anyone approaching it with little to no experience. Understanding the steps involved, the self-improvement processes you need to work on, and the business side of people skills and self-promotion is no easy task. It is here that The Model Factory can help.

The team at The Model Factory work with leading studios and agencies to provide a full experience for aspiring models and give you the framework to continue your way into modeling with much better chances of success. Many models make the mistake of thinking that their agency works for them. Many others think that a pretty face is all you need. Others think that a skinny body is the key to success. None of these are true.

The Model Factory

Do you work for your agency? Do they work for you? There is no clear line here. In reality, it is a partnership where both sides are expected to bring something to the table. You are expected to present your self and make connections, while the agency can utilise existing connections and it's agents to try and get you assignments. When either of these things don't happen, the whole process slows down. 

A pretty face or a skinny body may have been the key to success in modeling in the past, but The Model Factory know that this is no longer the case. Some EU countries have already banned the use of 'excessively skinny' models as the health implications on their bodies are extremely bad. Many super-skinny models experience arthritis in their 20s, something normally associated with the over 60s.

If you want to find out more about The Model Factory's services you can visit our website and get in touch using the small application form. There is no cost involved. Watch the video below to find out more.

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